You are likely new to RAID: Shadow Legends and are looking for a way to make progress as a beginner.

This article will provide all the RAID: Shadow Legends tips that every new player should know about the game’s final goals and choices.

RAID – Shadow Legends Tips For Early Game

After completing the brief tutorial on RAID: Shadow Legends you will be able to enter the Early Game stage.

Once you have completed the Brutal campaign the Early Game stage is over. You will now start tackling dungeons in order to strengthen your Champions.

Early Game Progress

  • Choose a starter champion
  • Your Starter Champion can be upgraded to 5
  • Push to Normal Campaign 12-3
  • Upgrade your Starter Champion to 6.
  • Push to Brutal Campaign 12-3
  • This process usually takes less than two weeks.

If I am super unlucky?

This guide assumes that you will have the worst luck in the world, and that you won’t get anything from the shards. So don’t worry!

There are many Champions that can perform the same tasks as the ones listed in this article. If you have the chance to get them, you will want to use them.

You can use your starter champion instead if you get a Legendary champion like the Queen Eva.

A great farmer Hero can speed up your game’s progression.

Spend money on Energy refills and EXP boosters if you’re willing to invest.

Starter Champions

You will have the option to choose from four different starting champions given by RAID Shadow Legends at the beginning.

Every Champion is a great farmer, I must say. Any Champion can be upgraded to 6

Your main driver or farming champion, the starter Champion is your primary driver. The starter Champion can farm alone in Campaign and level up other fodder champions. Fodder Champions can be used to ascend or level up better Champions.

Athel and Kael are favorites of most players. However, it is okay to use any starter champion.

Normal Campaigns

Push as far as possible in the Normal Campaign.


You will soon be able to receive 3 Rare Characters, Warpriest, during the beginning. She is an excellent support for the early games.

You now have two Champions, the starter champion, and the Warpriest to form the backbone of the team. You can upgrade any rare, common or uncommon Champions.

Never eat Epic or Legendary Champions.

It is best to rank up the 2 Champions and then use them as food.

You can rank up the Champions to increase their stats.

First rank up your Starter Champion, then the Warpriest.

Rank your Starter Champions to 5

You can upgrade your Stater to level 5 once it reaches 40 levels.

If you are stuck, you can go to the highest campaign chapter and farm at stage 3. To level up your starter champion and three other foods from your team, you can use it.

Continue doing this until your starter is 5.

Chapter 12-3 is the best place to farm!

Farming Places

You can reach Chapter 12-3 with a five starter champion. This is where you will be farming until you have 6 starter champions.

This stage offers a high XP/Energy rate. You also get more Silver from this stage than you would with farming at 12-6.

You don’t need Silver if you only farm from 12-6. However, you always need Silver.

Rank your Starter Champions to 6

It is possible to shift your focus to other areas. But, getting your Starter up to 6 is the best.

This will help you save tons of time, money, and effort.

Your primary goal in the beginning game is to raise your Starter Champion to 6. It’s because this is the key to helping you get other Heroes up to 6.

Campaign Brutal 12-3 is the place where all starter champions can farm with ease (equipment of decent Lifesteal + Crit/Attack equipments). You can also easily find decent gears while exploring RAID Shadow Legends.

It is a good idea to get your Starter Commander to 6 before you can get anyone else to 5. (Except the starter fodders, of course). This will give you an enormous boost in farming speed and make it much easier to level up the rest.

Early-Mid Game Tip

Once you have raised your main farming champ to 6, it is time to work on other Champions.

My favorite thing to do is to create a team that can help Minotaur as well as Clan Boss in order to begin grinding Masteries.

The Future 6

Most of you should be asking “What should 6 star next?” now, I think.

Your first 6 Champion should always be a farmer, as mentioned previously. It is your starter champion if you are not lucky enough to pull a better one.

Because they are a large investment of resources, the next six Champions that you should acquire are those who can be used in multiple PvE game modes. These are the Champions that will help you in Dungeons as well as Clan Boss or Arena.

Clan Boss

  • Athel as well as Kael make excellent Clan Boss team compositions.
  • Kael has Poisons, while Athel has Weakness and 3-hit.
  • Armiger and Outlaw Monk are two rare Champions who do well in Clan Boss battles.
  • Your goal when dealing with Clan Bosss in the early game is for you to survive as long as possible or through the first damage boost. Below are more details.


Warmaiden, Spirithost and Berserker can make a great arena team for RAID: Shadow Legends codes. This team is suitable for all because it includes non-starter Champions that can be found while farming in Campaign.

The team’s basic concept:

  • Spirithost boosts the ATK of your team
  • Warmaiden sends DEF Down to the enemies
  • The starter Champion deals massive AoE damage
  • Berserker may last reach the rest

You should level up your Spirithost as quickly as possible so that the order of the turns can be followed as described above. Give your team enough Speed to cast the skills.

Warmaiden has a lot of great sets, including accuracy. For the rest of your team, get Crit%, Crit Dmg and Attack%.

If they are well-prepared, this team could even reach Silver.


This RAID: Shadow Legends Dungeon Guide will provide more information about each Dungeon so that your Champions can make the most of it.

Each Dungeon can be used to farm for specific items, so it is worth having different Champions for different Dungeon groups.

These stats can be obtained while farming in the Dungeons.

  • Accelerate
  • ATK up
  • Counterattack
  • Multi-hit Attack
  • AoE Attack
  • Buff Removal
  • Debuff Removal
  • Healing the Immunity