Once, smoking marijuana, cannabis, or marijuana was considered a dangerous pastime. Modern information technology has allowed for more free speech, which has led to open discussions about marijuana use and the effects it has on the body. You could even say that marijuana’s image has changed dramatically in just a few short years due to improved information dissemination. Mugenjohncel, a well-known internet celebrity, has created a Ren’Py visual novels game called Marijuana: The Truth. This is a documentary that explains the true effects of Marijuana on your physical health and the medical applications of cannabis. Even though there is still a stigma attached to smoking marijuana, many people now know the truth about Marijuana.

It is true that smoking marijuana or pot is no more harmful than smoking regular cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Marijuana, despite being labeled as a dangerous drug, is actually considered the most addictive of all drugs. Marijuana or cannabis is considered much safer than smoking cigarettes or tobacco. According to experts, Marijuana’s addictive qualities are less than coffee.

The issue of smoking marijuana is often the topic of heated debates, with compelling arguments from both the pro-Marijuana Legalization and the anti-Marijuana camps. It concerns Marijuana as a gateway drug. This means that it could lead to more dangerous drugs like cocaine. The pro-Marijuana Legalization camp claims that Marijuana isn’t addictive and that smoking weed isn’t as dangerous as smoking cigarettes high in nicotine. They also claim that nicotine is a more powerful gateway drug than Marijuana. However, most studies on Marijuana use as a gateway drug have not been conclusive. Although some studies have shown a statistical correlation between Marijuana use and cocaine use, there are still many questions about the scientific basis for Marijuana’s transition to hardcore drug abuse.

What are the health effects of smoking marijuana? topshelfbc.com Although there are a lot of short-term and long-term effects of marijuana, only a handful can be considered serious. Short-term effects of smoking marijuana include loss of coordination, difficulties in problem-solving, analytical thinking, memory problems, and distorted senses. Although alcohol is legal, alcohol can cause more serious short-term effects than alcohol, such as acute alcohol impairment, or better known as alcohol poisoning. The long-term effects of Marijuana are similar to those of cigarettes smokers. They include lung damage, increased cardiovascular disease risk, daily coughing, and increased phlegm.

The possibility that smoking marijuana can cause cancer is another effect. This is not well-confirmed. It is well-known that smoking cigarettes and tobacco can cause cancer. Although a study on regular users of marijuana showed an increase in cancer risk, the findings of the study were not confirmed by other relevant studies. However, it is possible to infer that marijuana smoking can lead to cancer.