When it comes to hiring security guards for your company, you have a lot of options.

Do you hire your own protection or do you hire a third-party security firm? While maintaining everything in-house may appeal to you, there are advantages to partnering with a security service.

Before you hire someone, consider how contract security companies might benefit your company.

1. Legal Obligations

What if you hire an untrained security guard who becomes agitated and shoots the incorrect person? If they work for your residential security London, you are legally liable for whatever happens as a result of their conduct. Even requesting the wrong individual to leave your property can lead to legal action.

Having enough insurance coverage is also part of your legal responsibilities. The job of a security guard is dangerous, therefore you’ll need more insurance coverage to safeguard them and your company.

Contracting security ensures that all legal repercussions are addressed. The security company assumes full responsibility for their guards’ activities and includes insurance expenses in the contract.

2. Economically viable

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average security guard earns $12.93 per hour. In Atlanta, GA, the average hourly wage is slightly higher, at $13.81. This is, of course, merely the hourly wage. Benefits such as vacation, unemployment, insurance, retirement, worker’s compensation, and so on are not included.

If you hire in-house security guards, you must ensure that they meet all of the basic requirements for security guards, including sufficient training. You’ll have to pay for a background check as well as any further training that your state requires.

The list of basic training needs in Georgia alone is enormous. If you hire a professional security agency to provide security, all of this is taken care of for you. You don’t have to be concerned about the guards’ training or expertise. At BOS Security, we handpick each guard and provide them with all of the necessary training.

Hiring a firm rather than hiring in-house security saves your company money. Benefits, training, and background checks are all free of charge. Everything is included in the contract fee, which is lower than hiring individual personnel.

3. Regular Training

Security guards aren’t trained once and then forgotten about. While everyone hopes for the worst, it can and does happen. This is why security guards must undergo regular training. This helps to maintain the guards sharp and functional.

You’ll be responsible for ensuring that in-house guards have time off to attend training sessions, as well as paying for the training. As a result, backup security personnel will be required. Guards are trained during their off hours for hired security, or you are assigned replacements while the others train.

4. Immediate Replacements

What happens if a member of your security team becomes ill? You can’t just replace them without hiring more people. This means that your company cannot hire simply one security guard. You’ll need at least two, though three is generally the optimal number to ensure you always have a guard on duty.

If you hired security, you’ll be assigned a temporary substitute guard until the other guard recovers. You’ll never be without the agreed-upon amount of guards. This also reduces the cost of security contracts because you always get more than you pay for.

5. Adjust as necessary.

You don’t always require the same level of security throughout the year. You may require five security personnel during your peak periods. During slower moments, you may only require two.

You’ll have to deal with unemployment if you fire your in-house guards. Alternatively, you may find yourself paying for more security than you require.

You can add and remove guards as needed with outsourced security. Perhaps you only require an extra guard for a month. That’s not an issue. You’re covered without having to fire someone if you’re shrinking and need fewer guards.

6. Contracts that are specific to your requirements

One of the most significant advantages is that you will receive bespoke contracts for your specific security requirements. It’s not easy to set together your own security team. You must locate employees with industry experience, assist them in learning to collaborate, and determine where they should be placed.

Security companies collaborate with you to build unique contracts that outline the amount of guards you need and their specific tasks in respect to your company. If the guards don’t do their job, you can call for a replacement. These guards have all been trained to work as a team, so you’ll receive the best right away.