I don’t even know how many times this topic has been brought up to someone who didn’t understand why there was so much silence about female sex toys.

The taboo seems to still be alive, even though things aren’t as bad as they once were.

Women didn’t have the privilege of an orgasm that was officially recognized back in those days. The mainstream believed that the female genitalia was made only for procreation, and until recently it was almost ignored by the majority.

It was not acknowledged by the experts, and it was not recognized by many of the partners in the bedroom. The result was a shift in how girls experience sex and masturbation.

My family was fortunate to have some of the most powerful women be part of the sexual revolution that took place in the 1960s and 1970s.

The ladies of the second century had to get their “marital aids,” which were administered by a doctor who treated anxiety and hysteria. They got tired of following the rules set up by society.

The rise of orgasmic oppression by sexually frustrated women led to the creation of one of the largest industries in the world.

The female orgasm has become less fictitious. Innovative sex toys that are specifically designed for the weaker sex can now be recognized and supported.

The problem is not the suppression of female sexuality. The modern market is so flooded with options, that no one would believe there was ever a shortage.

The average woman is overwhelmed with choices and bombarded with misleading advertisements, but she doesn’t know what to do with her money.

Once upon a time, sex toys meant for women were all the same. After decades of trial, error and many years, women who are discerning have learned that subtle differences can make a big difference.

Therefore, the market for testing sex toys only grew as more manufacturers attempted to meet the growing demand.

Bloggers like me struggled to make a comprehensive and concise guide for the horny honeys around the globe.

These things are not taught to you by anyone, so it is easy to forget about the whole idea of sexual pleasure with a sexy toy.

Bad toys or poor selection of toys can ruin someone’s whole personality. There is still hope for women who want to purchase high-quality products, although things are complicated.

I searched far and wide to find the best female sex toys. It was not an easy task. There are so many amazing products on the market, that this list may not be appropriate for everyone who has read it.

But I tried to make the top 10 list of female sexual toys as inclusive and comprehensive as possible. These are just a few options that you should consider as you begin your search.

These are not in any particular order.


The Fifty Shades of Grey collection of sex toys is massive, as is its reputation.

The Greedy Girls Power Motion Thrusting Rabbit vibrator was inspired by the creator of this groundbreaking series.

There are 15 settings available, 12 of which are for vibrations only. The three other settings control the thruster’s motion speed and provide both internal and external delights.

The device also comes with a lifetime warranty and a travel lock, so there’s no need to worry.

PRO It is a large and wide-girdled device with a 60+ minute battery life.

CON You need to charge it for a while, so you can’t use the device while it is charging.

The We-Vibe Womanizer duo


Siphon pleasure from parts of your body you didn’t even know you had with this sexy self-stimulation device designed to “womanize” the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously.

You can explore the 12 levels of intensity or play with the 10 vibe modes in order to find the setting that suits your needs best.

The silicone-safe silicone covers the firm, yet flexible, insertable portion and the powerful clit cups.

The brand’s Pleasure Air Technology is used to create thick, sticky orgasms. This rechargeable We-Vibe Womanizer duo provides safe and satisfying waterboarding for your vagina.

PRO: This quiet bad boy uses a Smart Silence function that turns the toy on only when it is near your body.

CONS: Some users may find the untextured shaft too distracting and it is difficult to share this device with a partner.

Lovense Lush 3


Because you will be doing exactly that, it’s not a coincidence that “Lush”, rhymes with “gush”. The Lovense Lush, a U-shaped woman’s vibrator that pinpoints the g-spot , is called the Lovense Lush.

The smooth silicone cover can also be used to stimulate your clit via wireless remote. The app allows you to play with long-distance partners and offers customizable settings.

If you don’t have a reason to gush about the Lush, then you should hush. We are all getting on.

PRO – The shaft is flexible and can be positioned in any way that you wish.

CON – The wireless remote control on your phone is the wireless remote control, so make sure you have one.

Lelo Soraya 2


Luxurious and lovely, the Lelo Insignia Soraya is a classy girls’ best friend. Encased in a sleek and seductive silicone body, this fabulous rabbit vibe features a 5-inch insertable shaft and a tiny nub to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.

Two motors work in tandem to provide a completely customizable experience. Users can choose from 8 vibration settings, or use the travel lock to discreetly access orgasms abroad.

It can be recharged via USB and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty.

The shaft is perfect for all body types. You get 4 hours of play with every 2-hour charge.

PRO: Every device comes with a unique 10-year registration card.

CONT: While the included satin storage bag can be used for privacy, it won’t protect or secure your toy. You should invest in something else.


Although the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss might sound intimidating, it is actually very gentle on your body. Its soft silicone exterior feels just like skin.

It also curves slightly to find your g-spot, or p-spot. The shaft is 7 inches long and has delicate penile detailing. It has intuitive button placement to make it easier to control the four intensity levels and five vibe speeds.

It’s also extremely easy to clean and completely submersible in the water for aquatic kink.

PRO: Get up to 120 minutes of play-like experience after each charge.

CON : This one may feel more comfortable with another person at the controls.

Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 6.5 Inch


This tie-dyed dildo has it all. This dildo has a suction cup base that is flared for secure pegging. It also comes with a dual density core that will provide everlasting erections.

The tip is now raised and bulbous to allow for better entry. The shaft curves to hit your sweet spot, regardless of where you are located.

The best part is that no two dongs will be identical because every one is unique.

The Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright is the gift that keeps giving, so I guess it makes sense.

PRO – It can also be used with a harness to make it even more fun.

CON – Some users might have trouble controlling the slippery shaft.


The We-Vibe brand is probably familiar to you. They are the ones who have the huge XXX platform known as “We-Connect”.

This platform allows users to control their toys and enjoy amazing pleasures. Nova 2 is no exception. The Nova 2 is a new sex stick that features an adjustable arched arm and customizable settings.

The intuitive app allows you and your partner to explore the possibilities at will. It’s as if the future were now, and you are about to cumber all over it.

PRO – You can charge it up quickly thanks to its super powerful battery.

CON – The width and length might not suit all body types.


There’s no reason to believe you need to be with someone to get good D. The Vixen Johnny VixSkin Dildo, a single Vixen Johnny VixSkin Dildo, is looking for a partner.

This 7-inch silicone dong is 100% platinum silicone, with zero pores. It will last a lot longer than any man’s wiener.

It can be used for any type of penetration, even those that your ex would not approve. With a solid inner core you will never hear the “This never happens to us” excuse.

PRO – The flat, non-slip base is ideal for pegging or fantasy fulfillment.

CON To use this O-ring with a harness, you will need to buy a separate one with a 1.75 inch diameter.

Magic Wand


This is one of the first wireless vibrating wands on the market, which makes it a popular option for gals on the go.

But that is not the reason so many women enjoy playing with it. The Magic Wand lives up its name with a sturdy rounded tip that targets the sweet spot and a flexible head.

You also have four speeds and four vibrating patterns to choose from. You can take the MW wherever you go for instant fun.

It’s also USB rechargeable, and has a travel lock.

PRO – The motors get more powerful the harder you press down on the top.

CON – This toy is only for external use and cannot be used for penetration.


You won’t find many toys for women that serve up aromatherapy with every orgasm. But the LELO Lily 2 is different. Not only does it stimulate the clitoris with powerful vibrations but it also smells like sex.

Soft silicone exterior is infused with Bordeaux and Chocolate, two well-known aphrodisiacs. The original model also features eight dynamic vibration settings and twice the power.

The contoured shape ensures you won’t miss the target.

PRO – It is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for discreet play and traveling.

CON : This size is not ideal for any type of internal stimulation.

Happy Rabbit Triple Curve


Once, twice, three times a lady. The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve gives it to you multiple ways to maximize pleasure and ensure a tailored experience.

This device combined both internal stimulation and two types of external massage. The curved shaft targets the G-spot, while the rabbit ears are thicker and tickle the clit.

A separate pole is available for anal pegging, which features undulating beads.

This means that you can have blended orgasms with a variety of combinations. Math is fun, right?

PRO – You can simultaneously pinpoint your g and p-spots.

CON – It’s difficult to use this device if it’s not something you want to do tonight.