What is Onyx?

What is Onyx? One variety of chalcedony is Onyx. Onyx is a silicate mineral with parallel bands. It tends to be black and has white banding in its most popular form. There are many varieties of Onyx, including green, pink and brown, red, green, and clear with white bands. It is mostly made from calcite and has a waxy shine. Onyx means protection and fortune.

This variety of chalcedony struck a chord after hours of deep-diving into the healing properties of Onyx. We will now be looking at the jet energy that Black Onyx emits. Onyx is a stone that inspires determination and strength. It can provide protection from negative energy, keep the senses sharpened, and encourage a steady approach to a life full of joy and fortune. We will explore the healing properties of this confident and quiet stone and discover all the ways it can balance and clear polarities.

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The Black Onyx Gemstone


The shape and luminescent white color of the bands within this gem give it its name. Legend has it that Cupid used his famous arrow to cut the fingernails and fingers of Venus his mother in ancient Greece. These immortal fingernails fell from Mount Olympus into the Indus River, where they were turned to Onyx.

This dark, dreamy stone is loved by queens and goddesses. Cleopatra even believed that she kept the stone close because of its powerful protective powers. Onyx is more than meets the eye. This stone is protective, but it also has other benefits. It can absorb negative energy, just like other beautiful and black stones. This stone will also help you to keep your own wise counsel. Onyx is also considered a protector by the Chinese, which makes this gem a favorite in Feng Shui. It was the stone that protected against evil and disharmony in ancient Indian stories and helped to maintain stability and balance within relationships.

There are many places where Onyx can be found, including in India, Brazil, Madagascar, and the USA. The stone’s Mohs hardness of 6.5 makes it a great gem for carving. It is common to find Onyx-carved artifacts from ancient Rome and Greece.

There are many Onyx cousins. These variants can become confusing because they can be layered together. These gems are often mentioned in ancient texts. It can be difficult to find the true stone behind the reference or meaning. Here’s how to get clear…

Onyx Onyx is layered Chalcedony. It is usually black with white banding, or a solid black band. It is believed to be the eleventh and final stone on the breastplates of the high priest and derives its name from the Greek word claw.

Sardonyx– Sardonyx is an alternate layer of Onyx and Sard. It is earthy in color, with reddish-brown hues enhanced by white Onyx. The Greek word Sarx, which means flesh in Greek, is the name of this stone.

Sard– Although Sard isn’t a type of Onyx, it is a Carnelian form with reddish or brown Chalcedony hues. It was called Sardius by the ancient world. It is believed to have been the first stone to grace the breastplate of the high priest.

ChalcedonyBanded Onyx. This refers to Chalcedony with Onyx bands. It can be streaked in black, grey, brown, and black.

Red Onyx- Red Onyx is another name for Sardonyx.

Healing Properties


Black Onyx is often used to protect against negative energy. It’s a matter of luck. Black stones are known for their healing abilities, especially when it comes to protection from harm. Onyx can give you strength and willpower and is rich in powerful vibrations. Black Onyx will not only create a shield around you but also activate certain chakras within the body to give solid standing, creative focus, and open up new paths to wisdom. Black Onyx will ground you in your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Physical Healing

Black Onyx is a nerve tonic and provides great grounding energy to help you feel safe in the world. This dark, deep gem will not only calm your nerves but can also boost your immune system and help you get back on track after long periods of fatigue or illness. Onyx is a wonderful gem for healing. It helps to avoid relapses and encourages the body to focus on healing. Onyx can be a great support for the bone marrow, tissue structures, and teeth.

Emotional and Mental Healing

Black Onyx is a great choice for emotional healing. It provides the same grounding strength, vitality, and support that your body needs. Rooting is a great way to increase self-confidence and master self-control. Black Onyx is for those who tend to erupt in anger and feel the rise and fall frustrations vividly and are often a nervous wreck. This stone helps flighty souls to stay on the ground. Onyx can help you master your self-image so you can make smart decisions and stand firm in your authenticity. It also allows you to be task-oriented while still allowing for creativity. Onyx can be especially helpful for people going through grief. It helps you grieve, accept, release, and move on without losing yourself.

Metaphysical Properties

Black Onyx is a stone of the root chakra. It brings you all that wonderful grounding energy to connect to the earth below your feet. Because it allows excess energy to be released, the root chakra is one of the most important chakras. It can cause an imbalance in the chakra system if the base chakra is not cleared. Black Onyx is also a good choice to protect you during crown chakra opening, past life exploration, and other psychic work that could leave you vulnerable. Green Onyx is useful for opening the heart chakra and White Onyx works well to unblock your crown chakra.

Zodiac Birthstone

Black Onyx is the ideal birthstone for hot-headed Leos. Leos are strong, determined, ambitious, and have a big, bright heart. Onyx aids Leos to manage their insecurity, particularly when it comes to jealousy. Black Onyx aids Leos to get in touch with their roots and feel grounded. This allows them to feel safe and secure without falling prey to possessive behaviors. Black Onyx encourages Leos to take control of their destiny.

How to Use Onyx Stones

Keep Black Onyx in your bag or pocket, and you will have a powerful talisman that will protect you throughout your life. Onyx jewelry is one of the best ways to use Onyx stones. Onyx can transmute healing powers into the body by being in direct contact with the skin. It can also raise your vibrations. Crystals that can connect with the skin can continue their work immediately. They work around the clock, shielding you from negative energy and gently leading your way. Onyx can be a transformative stone, meaning that it can help you change your life and outlook.

Feng Shui can also use Black Onyx. It has a beautifully soft, flowing energy, which ruminates with colors of stillness, quiet contemplation, and cleansing. It can be placed in your preferred space to create a Zen-like sanctuary of mental rest. Its large protective vibrations make it an ideal stone to a place near entrances.

How to Clean Onyx Crystals

Black Onyx, like all crystals, should be cleaned and changed regularly. Black Onyx is a protective and healing stone. It is best to cleanse it whenever you feel it has lost weight. This will ensure that your stone doesn’t stutter when it is needed. Smudging Black Onyx with a sage stick is a quick and easy way to clean it. Light the sage, and then pass the stone through the smoke for several seconds. To clean and recharge your Black Onyx, you can leave it in the sun for 6-12 hours. You don’t have to leave your Black Onyx stone out in direct sunlight. It can be left outside in the moonlight, or the rain for one day.

Last Thoughts

Black Onyx increases strength and stamina. It also helps you adjust to your environment without feeling overwhelmed. This gem is a great talisman and amulet. It stops potential threats from getting in the way of your freedom to travel unimpeded through the world. Black Onyx will always be there for you, ensuring that your roots are deep and your emotions are balanced. Also, ensuring that your energy is never low and that your vitality is never diminished.

What do you think about Black Onyx and its balancing energy? Is it balancing energy that you are attracted to? Comment below to share your thoughts.