The movie was an action comedy about 2 FBI detectives who were assigned to protect 2 daughters of a wealthy Wilson family from being kidnapped during a high profile Charity party. They were unsuccessful during their first assignment and were at the brink of losing their jobs. Determined to achieve success in their new assignment, the 2 detectives would have done almost anything to keep their job. Adept and well trained in the arts of undercover assignments the 2 FBI agents eventually decided to disguise themselves as the Wilson daughters after a driving incident hoping that the plan would have lead them to the potential kidnappers.

I thought the plot was shallow and the movie was meant to be taken as light entertainment. However, the movie did touch on the issue of satirical racism present in a real world scenario. There was a part in the movie where the two disguised FBI agents were at the front desk of a hotel lobby and their identifications and credit cards were requested from them as in any normal hotel front desk procedure. They were unable to comply with such requests as it would have blown their cover and decided to have a “bitch fit” . They said that they were of high social stature and as rich “white” women they didn’t deserve such “normal” treatment.

More hilarious incidents occurred as the 2 male detectives tried to blend into the lifestyle of the rich and famous for the weekend as the opposite sex and of the opposite “color”. Coincidently, the 2 undercover FBI agents found out that they had made headlines in the local newspapers during the series of prestigious events with their new disguises hence fooling everybody including their own FBI chief. Soon, the 2 real women under protection in another hotel were perplexed to see that they were on the newspaper headlines without having attended the party themselves.

Realizing the situation, 2 other agents from the FBI manhandled the Wilson daughters thinking that they were their FBI colleagues in “white” female disguise. An embarrassing incident occurred where the two women were stripped naked resulting in the 2 disguised FBI agents along with their 2 other colleagues being relieved from their duty.

Another humorous part of the movie addressing the same racism issue was when a “black” basketball star commented to one of the FBI agents that he was not allowed to attend the all “white” party because the FBI agent was a “black” man. On the surface it seemed to suggest a racism issue. However, I thought in reality the term “black” and “white” best described in general a social and wealth status of a person instead of direct discrimination of their skin colors.

The movie climaxed when the FBI force, kidnappers, the 2 original women, and the 4 FBI “fired” agents were set on a collision course on the final day of the high profile Charity party that resulted in the capture of the potential kidnappers.

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